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Marco Longhi

Guitar teacher at the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Guitarist performer and composer of classical and modern music. Graduated in classical guitar at Conservatorium Maastricht (NL).

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The Colour Guitar Book

Guitar Duets for Pupil and Teacher

This book is a collection of guitar duets and exercises, made for teacher and student.

Who is this book for?

It was designed mainly for very young guitarists. However, it can be a useful resource for any beginner, whether young or old.

What is special about this book?

First of all, the peculiarity of this book consists in the use of tabulature in addition to the colours and dotted lines:

tablature makes it easier to understand the musical text than the standard notation system;
colours make it easier to identify the strings to play on the guitar;
dotted lines make the rhythmic scan of the piece visually clearer.

secondly, there are several schemes and exercises aimed at the comprehension of the songs and the devolpment of creativity.

Finally, it is possible to take advantage of the backing tracks available on youtube.

what kind of pieces are in this book?

The pieces contained in this book belong to different musical genres, in order to offer the reader a certain variety of styles and techniques. The songs are sorted by difficulty.

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